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What To Do During The Interview

Impact_BALL_ONLY_512 Take some notes – don’t overdo it.
Impact_BALL_ONLY_512 Use the interviewers name a few times but don’t overdo it.
Impact_BALL_ONLY_512 Smile.
Impact_BALL_ONLY_512 Have a prepared list of questions to show you have undertaken research on the company. These should not take too long and should not delve into the finite detail of the company’s performance – rather, they should have relevance to the position you are applying for plus some general overview stuff.
Impact_BALL_ONLY_512 If you want the job – let the interviewer know this at interview. ‘Mr/Ms. Interviewer, I like what I have heard about the company and this position and hope you consider my application favourably as I would be very keen to be offered the position.’
Impact_BALL_ONLY_512 See if you can get a time frame for the rest of their process.
Impact_BALL_ONLY_512 The Thank You Letter.

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