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What To Do Before The Interview

When you know the name of the potential employer

When you attend the first interview for a position you may know the name of the employer either because the company has placed the advertisement itself or the recruitment company has placed its client’s logo in the advertisement. In this case you need to research the company on–line and in the marketplace (if you have the contacts) and if it is a public company, through its annual reports. You should have a clear idea of its products, ownership, structure (state, national, multinational or global), markets and customers. However, it is important not to swamp yourself with detail, as you won’t have the opportunity in an initial interview to go into depth.

Just as important is for you to have a clear idea of what you want to know about the company and its people by the time you complete the first interview so that you can make a decision about whether you want to proceed to the next interview if you have the opportunity.

When you don’t know the name of the potential employer

Often your first interview for a position will be with a recruiter who will be working to a set procedure. The larger the recruitment company and the more inexperienced the recruiter, the more obvious will be the procedure. Generally, the more experienced recruiters offer more information about companies and markets and industry sectors. In these circumstances you need to have a clear picture of the job and company before you leave the interview. Therefore, you need to leave the interview with a similar amount of information as if you had researched the company beforehand.

On rare occasions you may leave the first interview without knowing the name of the potential employer. This can occur for one of three reasons, namely:

Impact_BALL_ONLY_512 The company, for reasons of confidentiality may not want its name disclosed.
Impact_BALL_ONLY_512 A position does not exist. While advertising positions which do not exist is unethical, the practice does occur. If you are certain this is the case, we advise that you let the interviewer know how you feel and not to deal with that company again.
Impact_BALL_ONLY_512 The recruiter has decided that s/he will not be putting you forward for the position.

Personal presentation and grooming

People in the business of recruiting, whether they are consultants or employers; really want their interview of you to be successful. They want to know that potentially they have found the solution to their vacancy in you. It is important for you not to give them any reason to knock you out of the process before the interview starts.

Don’t be late for the interview

There is no excuse. Enough said.

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