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Questions Regarding Remuneration

What are your expectations in terms of base salary for permanent positions or hourly/daily/weekly rate if you are looking for contracting assignments?

You must be in a position to put a value on yourself. It is tempting to inflate your current/package, but be careful as:

Impact_BALL_ONLY_512 You may be asked to show proof;
Impact_BALL_ONLY_512 You may miss out on just the right position because you are considered “too expensive” by a few dollars.

You should be in a position to be specific regarding the structure of your total package.

Your package will obviously include a base salary and may also include some of the following:


Impact_BALL_ONLY_512 Usually 9.5%. If different, be able to specify the % and/or the structure of the superannuation plan if different to the norm.

Motor Vehicle options

Impact_BALL_ONLY_512 Company provided and maintained.
Impact_BALL_ONLY_512 Your vehicle with a car allowance.
Impact_BALL_ONLY_512 Novated lease through your package – vehicle at your risk.

Impact_BALL_ONLY_512 How calculated?

  • Company performance.
  • Your performance.
  • Frequency.
  • Maximum value.
  • Actual value last year.
  • Realistic expectations current year.
  • To a maximum of?


Impact_BALL_ONLY_512 As per bonuses.

Medical Benefits

Impact_BALL_ONLY_512 To what plan and value?

Shares & Options

Impact_BALL_ONLY_512 Frequency – value – vesting?

Education Support

Impact_BALL_ONLY_512 Which facility?


Impact_BALL_ONLY_512 What and to what value?


Impact_BALL_ONLY_512  Mobile phones, home cable connection and PC’s/ Laptops are considered “tools of trade” and are not generally factored in to remuneration calculations.

Education Assistance

Impact_BALL_ONLY_512 What course?
Impact_BALL_ONLY_512 To what value?
Impact_BALL_ONLY_512 How/when paid – e.g. on successful completion?

Also note that you are well within your rights NOT to discuss this. Most recruiters will be ill at ease with this approach but it is your right to state that your expectations will be influenced by the scope of the role, the opportunities, the challenges and the company a whole.

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